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From: Matthew <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Greetings from Remi
Date: Sat, 04 Sep 2010 18:27:54 -0000

Good to see another contestant deustfrr, the more people we have taking part the more fun it is :). I think the idea putting a timer into the software will help things run smoothly in cases where people have similar times, not sure how easy it would be for the programmers, but I wouldn’t think it would be difficult (I need to learn some useful programming one day, so if anyone can tell me what language was used for these puzzles it would be appreciated, but I digress). Chat would be interesting, and searching the previous messages I found Remi (I think) suggesting we use it to co-ordinate the competition, which could work well. What chat software would be best? I don’t know much about these, I personally use MSN but it should be easy to set up an account for something like Skype if necessary.

I think I will be using MC7D (piece finding is good), so I wonder how the scramble will be made available? Can we make a single scramble and change the software so both MC4D and MC7D will accept it? Can the same scramble be made for both formats and supplied simultaneously for both programs? Or is it safe to have 2 separate full scrambles made available? Also, will the scrambles be added to the files in the group, emailed to all the competitors at the same time, or sent using the chat software (if used)? After more thought and some trial solves, I think it is best to allow macros made before the contest, but obviously we need to decide as a group. I know I keep rambling on about these things, but if I don’t know what’s happening I’m likely to mess something up (and yet I’m fairly disorganised).

I think we should start organising the time, so I suggest all competitors say which time zone they are in (or what one they will be competing in). I’m UTC+1.


— In, "deustfrr" <deustfrr@…> wrote:
> 1. Done! In!
> 2. My dad works at a computer job, and he has screen-watching software, but it’s probably company only…
> 3. I also got school, but if I can solve it under an hour then I’ll be fine.
> 4. (I have a huge feeling that I’ll be last… (o.O)
> 5. maybe use webcam and stuff to chat? the time would be strange…
> 6. worst…put in a timer and update MC4D. (^o^)