Message #1154

From: thesamer <>
Subject: Waiting for 1st Hyperspeedcubing Challenge
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 12:03:59 +0200


During waiting for the contest I’ll just sumarize:

  Participants        Time zone     Program     Previous     Best record<br> 1    Andrey Astrelin    (UTC+04&#58;00)    MC7D        17&#58;19.296    15&#58;50.406<br> 2    Remigiusz Durka    (UTC+02&#58;00)    MC4D old    18&#58;    17&#58;43.829<br> 3    Matthew Sheerin    (UTC+01&#58;00)    MC7D        25&#58;28.989    22&#58;05.092<br> 4    Raymond Zhao       (UTC-05&#58;00)    MC4D new    sub 30       sub 30<br> 5    Mateusz Burnicki   (UTC+02&#58;00)    MC4D old    sub 33       sub 33

Offical host Time Date puzzle, macros,
program, time limit
Melinda Green 18:00 UTC 18th October 2010 3^4, any prepared
macros, MC4D & MC7D, 3h

Communicator Name
Yahoo! IM (add: cutelyaware) 1st Hyperspeedcubing Challenge

Everybody made huge improvements. 9 days ago Andrey had ‘42 minutes’,
and Mattew 35 minutes. Look at the times now! Andrey’s times are crazy.
I’m starting considering trying his program :P

Allowing different programs is making things a little bit hard to
compare. MC4D could be better adapted to speedsolving. In new program
the reference sticers can’t be on one face(I think I’m using macros 70
times during one solve, so it’s a lot of work: about 200 stickers
clicked in a right order). That’s why I use old version and have 3
reference stickers in one of the faces (less work). There is shortcut
for last macro applied (Ctr+A) but there is not for the reverse of the
last macro: which would help significantly! I don’t think that should be
a problem to implement thing like this?
The best thing would be assigning macros to the shortcuts like: Ctr+1
for the first macro on the list, Ctr+2 for the second, …, etc.

Best regards,


Tanie mieszkania lub pokoje do wynajęcia dla studentów!