Message #1256

From: Matthew <>
Subject: UK Open
Date: Mon, 08 Nov 2010 19:55:25 -0000

I know it is a little off topic, but that’s me back from the competition I went to. As requested, I bought and wore the MC4D t-shirt :). Not only that, but there was an article in the newspaper on the second day, and there was a picture of me there, with the t-shirt on! Slight problem, the front of the t-shirt isn’t really visible. In my defence I didn’t know I was having my photo taken or that it would end up in the paper, especially since I didn’t win anything, and was wearing a blindfold at the time (amusingly I didn’t even get any successes at blindsolving). Picture can be found here: Results will be on WCA soon for those interested (13.96 single on 3x3x3, 1:58.58 single on 5x5x5 and 2:09.88 single and 2:11.xx average on megaminx for the highlights, assuming I remembered correctly).

I had a couple of conversations about 4D cubes, but I didn’t manage to get any serious interest. I did however find out that someone else at the competition had solved the 3^4 a couple of years ago: Daniel Sheppard. Another competitor (Thom Barlow) said he had looked at it before, but hadn’t put in the effort to solve it, although I get the feeling he might one day.

Most importantly though, I had a great time :)

After I catch up on tutorial work and things I can get back to some more 4D speedsolving and having a go at the latest hyperbolic curiosity.