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From: Matthew <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] noteworthy new hypersolutions
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 14:06:45 -0000

Congrats to my namesake for beating the 120-cell, and to Ethan, welcome to the club! Membership includes a free straight-jacket and a psychiatrist (just kidding of course). I would also love to hear about your experiences with the solves. When I get the time I plan to try and have a look at Ethan’s solution to see how he went about the solve, though a description would be a good place to start.

To answer some of Melinda’s points: I believe that any challenge available for these puzzles which is humanly possible will eventually be conquered by someone. Also, 3^4 blindfolded is already on my to-do list. I have already posted about trying to solve the 2^4 this way, though after several attempts I have not been successful yet (my closest was off by 2 corner twists). I have a memorisation method planned out for the 3^4, all I need is to finish planning the execution method and enough free time (and to get better at blindsolving). I will try and beat the 2^4 first though, and maybe get the solve stage on video if I can.
This presents a question, are pre-recorded macros allowed? Are macros recorded during the solve allowed? Solving the 2^4 blind without them is easy enough, but it will be significantly more difficult to conquer the 3^4 without them. I also wonder about the commutator and conjugate ability of MC7D. Part of the difficulty of blindfold solving is doing and undoing the setup moves correctly (significantly harder in 4D!), and these functions would reduce that difficulty. My aim is to blindfold solve without these aids, but I was wondering what other people’s thoughts are.

Sorry for getting a little carried away when this is supposed to be about these two great solves (and solvers). Now we have to wait and see what they solve next!


— In, Melinda Green <melinda@…> wrote:
> The audacity! These are crazy amazing pieces of news, guys! This is the
> best news I’ve read this New Year that so far has only been full of bad
> news. Matt’s 120 Cell solution is extra-special for me because I had
> predicted early on that we would see exactly one solution to this
> monster and then we would never see another in my lifetime. Well I it
> seems that two years in hyper-puzzling time is like a lifetime in our
> flat 3D existence given all the other wonderful puzzles that I never
> even dreamed of that have also appeared and been conquered in that same
> span. I will now officially stop making predictions about what will or
> will not ever happen in in this magical land because I surely do not know.
> Ethan: I don’t even know what to say to you intrepid 5D explorers. You
> went from 3^4 straight to 5^4 in just ten days. I was wondering what you
> would turn your attention to next and then you went dark, only to return
> from bagging one of the most frightening beasts around. The number of
> twists it took is so astounding that I can’t even say it aloud. You are
> truly one patient and determined hyperpuzzler!!!
> I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that we would all just
> *love* to hear both of your stories of conquest. How long did these
> solutions take? What made you decide to attempt them? How many times did
> you decide to give up, only to continue again? In short, what the *hell*
> were you guys thinking!!! :-) Please tell us all that you care to
> share. We will read very carefully and savor your victories through your
> stories because very few of us will even think seriously of following
> where you have gone.
> It’s no surprise that Matthew holds the current shortest solution to
> original 3^4 that started this whole crazy quest thing. I bet that when
> either of you look at that puzzle now it must look like a baby’s
> plaything. OK, I have a new idea to throw out because this makes it feel
> like the right time to think about new challenges. Who here thinks you
> can solve a 3^4 blindfolded? You wouldn’t be literally blindfolded. What
> we could do is add an option to switch all sticker colors to gray. That
> way you could study a scrambled puzzle for as long as you like, put on
> your virtual blindfold, and see what you can do. Your time ends when you
> pull off the blindfold. You can take notes as you study it, but you can
> not use notes or any other aids once you start twisting though prepared
> macros seem fair to me. Who’s up for this challenge? I promise to make
> no more predictions because something tells me there are a handful of
> you who might just be able to do it. Speak up now or I will have to
> start babbling about 120 Cell speedsolving contests that we will time
> using calendars instead of stopwatches!
> This is truly fabulous stuff, folks. Matt and Ethan: What can I say? You
> guys rock!!
> Breathlessly,
> -Melinda
> On 1/10/2011 7:08 PM, Roice Nelson wrote:
> >
> >
> > Any hypersolution is noteworthy of course, but I thought I would post
> > that for both Magic120Cell
> > <> and the 7x7x7x7x7
> > <>, it is
> > not as lonely at the top anymore!
> > Matt Galla sent me a completed Magic120Cell log file just prior to the
> > new year, joining Noel Chalmers.
> >
> > And on January 6th, I received a 7^5 solution from Ethan Muldoon,
> > joining Matthew Sheerin.
> > I’ve updated the online pages with their log files if any would like
> > to take a look (the solutions both impress in terms of length).
> > Sincere congratulations to Matt and Ethan for completing these monster
> > puzzles. I’m amazed by your fortitude!
> >
> > And really, I’m blown away by how many solvers we have in the group
> > now. I just browsed over the MC4D hall of fame and the MC5D hall of
> > insanity, and it is wild how much they have grown :)
> > Take care everyone,
> > Roice
> >