Message #1357

From: Eduard <>
Subject: Stereo for MC4D
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2011 15:18:10 -0000

There is a great chance that everybody here knows already the program
GreatStella <> for presenting 3D
polyhedra. One of the marvelous possibilities is the "crossed eyes
view". This gives you a beautifull 3D effect with unharmed colors even
for animation and you need no glasses or other equipement. This 3D
pictures have also a better resolution (sharpness). The effort for the
program is not so big because there must only be added a slightly turned
copy of the picture. MC4D is so convincing because of his beautifull
animation (especially when slow). This can be seriously enhanced with
little effort. Here
<<br> g> is an example without animation of course and having suffered from
screencapture and from sending by e-mail. Everybody knows how to handle
crossed eyes view?