Message #1370

From: Andrey <>
Subject: MS5D v0.11 uploaded [Re: MS5D v0.1]
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2011 14:39:25 -0000

Animation - ready
Direction of twist - fixed
Twist with hidden face - fixed
Log files - work somehow (not tested much)

No macros, no recentering.

Navigation is changed a little. Now Shift+Left button and Shift+Right button implement couple of different 4D rotations, you may use them to move apart intersecting cells.


— In, Roice Nelson <roice3@…> wrote:
> Very nice :)
> My number one feature request is of course animation. I feel that will give
> a huge benefit in understanding the puzzle.
> The other main feedback I have for now is that twisting feels backwards.
> When I click 3 stickers in succession, say A,B,C I would expect the end
> result to be a 3-cycle of those stickers that went A->B->C->A (if I’m
> clicking in a clockwise fashion, I’d like the stickers to rotate
> clockwise). Instead, you’ve chosen to make it A<-B<-C<-A. I was curious
> the reason for this.
> Minor issues I ran into with my brief interaction:
> - when you have some faces turned off and make a twist, there is
> a highlighting problem (the stickers that should be highlighted are not
> refreshed). Clicking one of the face checkboxes forces a refresh, so that
> is a workaround.
> - crash when clicking "show pieces", though you did say this wasn’t tested.
> I am finding the 4D shift-left rotations strangely unintuitive (they don’t
> seem to act like MC4D), but I will have to think on why this is the case
> more before I can give any useful feedback.
> Awesome as usual Andrey! You’re a puzzle producing machine!
> Roice