Message #1376

From: puzzle314 <>
Subject: Variations of Rubik’s Cube puzzle
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2011 02:42:40 -0000

I am a new member. My name is Alex. I am a developer of the <> . I am working on
variations of Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

Recently I’ve added several 2D variations of the Rubik’s Cube
puzzle <> . The
beginning level is pretty simple, but intermediate, advanced, master and
grandmaster levels are very complicated. It appears easier to create
than solve these puzzles. I would really appreciate if somebody could
find solutions and send me the algorithms for these three levels.

My next goal is to create 3D and then 4D Rubik’s Cube puzzles. I am
only a beginner in 4D puzzles. There is one question I am trying to
clear now: in order to twist a hyperface in MC4D, I should click on
hypersticker. That allows me to make only one type of a twist. It is
fine for 3D Rubik’s Cube where hyperface is a square and allows only
one type of a twist. For 4D Rubik’s Cube the hyperface is a cube. It
should allow 3 basic twists. How I can do it? Am I missing something?