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From: Andras Ecseki <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: mc5d solved
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 14:18:11 -0800

Well, all of your ideas crossed my mind too, and I like the way you think, but
to be honest, I didn’t mean to create a layer-by-layer method tutorial video. It
only makes easier for the people I want to show my solve (they don’t need to
download the program, open my log file etc…).
I accepted your argument speeding up the twists and making a short video,
because layman wouldn’t look on a ten min solve. In the end, the length of the
music determined the actions in the video, so I gave up my first goal, making it
understandable for everyone. If someone wants to see the solved state, one shall
press the ‘pause’ button :-)

Maybe someone with a better english could make a video-series, explaining the
solution - even on the main MC4D page - but In my humble opinion, this is all
about exploring the way by themselves for everyone. I’m not good at creating
videos either, this was my first vid ever…:-)

And thank you for the link!


From: Melinda Green <>
Sent: Sun, February 13, 2011 10:24:52 PM
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: mc5d solved

Very nice, Andras!

Your introductory text helps explain what’s going on and the driving beat of
the music is a good compliment to the fast action.

It seems to need a little more time at the end to see that it is really
solved. Some very slow 3D rotation during all of this might also spice it up
like Roice did with Noel’s 120 Cell solution video.

Another thing that might be good would be to pause the solving at each major
step, show some text describing what part is finished, and doing some zooms
and rotations to make it clear, and then jump back into solving mode. I
expect that this will work especially well for your layer-by-layer solutions
because the progress is easier to see than with other methods.

The really killer effect would be to use music that alternates between fast
and slow sections with exactly as many slow sections as solution steps so
that you can use the slow sections to show the milestones and the fast
sections for the crazy solving parts. Finding such a suitable song will be
tricky. If you find a suitable song that has too many changes, you can
carefully chop out the extra sections from the middle such that the edit is
barely noticeable. Syncing the animation to hit the changes will be a lot
more work but I thought I’d throw out the idea in case you or anyone else is
thinking of doing anything similar.

I’ve added a link to your video from the main MC4D page in the first
paragraph in the "Related Puzzles" section.

Congratulations again on your world record shortest 3^5 solution. Enjoy it
while it lasts! :-)

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