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From: Andras Ecseki <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: mc5d solved
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2011 22:24:47 -0800

link already added:-)

this video remains the same now. Showing solution milestones makes sense only
after a decent explanaiton of the Rubik’s penteract, because - I remember - it
took few weeks for me to understand the structure and the twists.

There’s no next goal, I must learn for a huge exam in the springtime. Im not a
speedsolving type, I enjoy solving the cube with less moves.


From: Melinda Green <>
Sent: Mon, February 14, 2011 1:21:53 AM
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: mc5d solved


That was a very good result for your first video, Andras!

I didn’t mean to suggest turning your video into a tutorial. I only meant
that I feel that a layer-by-layer solutions make for a better video than a
piece-type-based solutions. It may be the best solution type for showing
off. :-) I was suggesting pausing at each milestone just to make clear how
much is solved and how much is yet to go. That would be a little bit like a
bunch of small end-states along the way with some slow 3D and/or 4D
rotations before it goes racing off to the next milestone. I like Noel’s
slowly spinning puzzle throughout which naturally leaves it in a state that
is easy to see that it is solved. You could do the same and maybe fade to
black or shrink to a point or explode or something.

I’ll be happy to edit any text that you want to use so that it will sound
like a native English speaker.

This is great stuff. I encourage anyone reading this to consider making your
own YouTube video of anything you think people might enjoy. Oh, and don’t
forget to add a link to the appropriate puzzle page from your description.
Every video and link helps people to find out about our collective

So what’s next? 2^5 speedsolving? :-)


On 2/13/2011 2:18 PM, Andras Ecseki wrote:
Well, all of your ideas crossed my mind too, and I like the way you
think, but to be honest, I didn’t mean to create a layer-by-layer method
tutorial video. It only makes easier for the people I want to show my
solve (they don’t need to download the program, open my log file
>I accepted your argument speeding up the twists and making a short
>video, because layman wouldn’t look on a ten min solve. In the end, the
>length of the music determined the actions in the video, so I gave up my
>first goal, making it understandable for everyone. If someone wants to
>see the solved state, one shall press the ‘pause’ button :-)
>Maybe someone with a better english could make a video-series,
>explaining the solution - even on the main MC4D page - but In my humble
>opinion, this is all about exploring the way by themselves for everyone.
>I’m not good at creating videos either, this was my first vid ever…:-)
>And thank you for the link!
From: Melinda Green <>
>Sent: Sun, February 13, 2011 10:24:52 PM
>Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: mc5d solved
>Very nice, Andras!
>Your introductory text helps explain what’s going on and the
>driving beat of the music is a good compliment to the fast
>It seems to need a little more time at the end to see that it is
>really solved. Some very slow 3D rotation during all of this
>might also spice it up like Roice did with Noel’s 120
>Cell solution video.
>Another thing that might be good would be to pause the solving
>at each major step, show some text describing what part is
>finished, and doing some zooms and rotations to make it clear,
>and then jump back into solving mode. I expect that this will
>work especially well for your layer-by-layer solutions because
>the progress is easier to see than with other methods.
>The really killer effect would be to use music that alternates
>between fast and slow sections with exactly as many slow
>sections as solution steps so that you can use the slow sections
>to show the milestones and the fast sections for the crazy
>solving parts. Finding such a suitable song will be tricky. If
>you find a suitable song that has too many changes, you can
>carefully chop out the extra sections from the middle such that
>the edit is barely noticeable. Syncing the animation to hit
>the changes will be a lot more work but I thought I’d throw out
>the idea in case you or anyone else is thinking of doing
>anything similar.
>I’ve added a link to your video from the main MC4D page in the
>first paragraph in the "Related Puzzles" section.
>Congratulations again on your world record shortest 3^5
>solution. Enjoy it while it lasts! :-)
>On 2/13/2011 6:47 AM, Andras Ecseki wrote: