Message #1437

From: Eduard <>
Subject: Dream?
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 14:09:01 -0000

The 120-Cell has unmoved centers only in Magic120Cell and not in MC4D

What is easier complete Magic120Cell with macros or complete MC4D with
"Finding help" and "show (highlight) only faces.."?
Eventually complete only Hypermagaminx in MCD4 (and not the others). It
is possible that combined "macro" and "Finding helps"
for the 120-Cell plus the evaluator was (is) a dream only.

In the mean time I couldn’t resist to start in Magic120Cell. I’m
proud to have succeded with 8 of the 720 face cubies (contiguous). See
<<br> art.jpg> (only faces highlighted) and log file
<<br> p87nyoDiFyXgkwN_18zuVa7GKr4rKflPpwHvFzE3YdXPXj3OAhcOWSaZN1gJA/baumann_12<br> 0c_start.log> . It is a good exercice to get a real feeling of this
world of 120 individuals. I recommend this exercice to everybody.