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From: Andrey <>
Subject: Re: Dream?
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2011 16:48:10 -0000

My progress is about 10%

4 cells and a middle layer around them are solved.


— In, "Matthew" <damienturtle@…> wrote:
> Thought I would chip in to this discussion, since I have solved a small portion of this puzzle a few months ago (and I may actually try and finish it sometime). The preference on which feature is best really depends on how you solve it. Personally, I doubt I’ll use any macros during the solve, I’ll just use blockbuilding for most of it then reduce it to a megaminx for the last face, which shouldn’t really require any macros. However, I reckon solving without piece finding is just insanity, there are just far too many pieces to find them manually. I’m curious about whether anyone else who has solved part (or all) of the puzzle in is the same situation, or at least a similar one. Good luck with the solve Eduard :).
> Matt