Message #1626

From: Charlie Mckiz <>
Subject: Hi! I’m new here!
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2011 03:14:05 -0700

Hi everybody!
 I’m new here,and i am a chinese,who had solved 5D & 4D cube. i’m working on 7D and higher .But the project would be delayed  ,for i’m in a very important exam.  i already found perfect solutions solving 4D & 5D ,and i put them together in a Macros  Document.
Sorry about that i don’t actually know what achievement had you get already ,since my english is poor ,and it’s  impossible for me to read all your works. my works is focus on only cubes.  Here is the Document without explication.  In fact i got one,including my own ideas solving n-dimentional cube, but only in chinese. Maybe I can translate them later.
by the way ,i wonder how many person had solved the 7D cube , cause i can’t see any name on the list , except one.
anyway, hopefully the document is useful.