Message #1669

From: Andrey <>
Subject: MPUlt v0.2 is ready
Date: Mon, 09 May 2011 04:12:39 -0000

Hi all,
Next version of "MPUltimate" is uploaded to .
What is new:
1) bug with click to the mirrored face is fixed;
2) couple of search features is there:
2a) Shift-Left click in the sticker highlights all stickers of the same piece (now it doesn’t work for stickers of the puzzle core and for stickers that are connected "inside" the puzzle). Highligting is moving with the sticker during twists and macro applications (only in cell-turn 4D puzzles :( ) and I’ve found it very useful for macros design.
2b) Shift-Right click in the sticker temporary (till next Shift-Right)changes color of this sticker and all stickers from its cell to white. Shift-Right in empty space restores colors of all cells.
3) Single-click macros for 4D are ready. To create macro you should Ctrl-Alt-Left click a point in some cell. Better to select a point close to the vertex - cell, face and vertex will be used as reference for macro application. To finish macro definition press Ctrl-M and enter macro name.
To perform macro select it in the listbox, and then Alt-Left Click or Alt-Right Click a point in some cell (cell should be of the same kind as in macro definition). Program finds the best match to the reference point and perfroms macro (left click for the straight order and right click for reverse).
4) All puzzle definitions are collected in one file MPUlt_puzzles.txt. There is also some puzzles grouping in this file that is reflected in the Puzzle menu.

Known bugs and missing features: