Message #1737

From: schuma <>
Subject: Re: MPUlt v1.0 is ready!
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 14:43:44 -0000

Hi Andrey,

It’s so great to see so many puzzles in 4D, some of which I’ve never heard of! I’m very excited about them. Thanks!

I tested it on 4D_RT and found the following two glitches:

(1) Rank 6 is for the corners. But the corners can be disabled only if both R5 and R6 are unselected. Unselecting R6 itself cannot disable the corners. (In MPUlt v0.3, both the corners and the side-face pieces belong to R5 and there was no R6)

(2) Shift+left click is not working properly on 4D_RT (and also 4D_ET, 16cell_ET, 16cell_FT).


— In, "Andrey" <andreyastrelin@…> wrote:
> Its web page is . You can also download program from this place:
> Now there are about 30 puzzles - check Puzzle menu for them. I haven’t solved any of them yet (if we don’t include 3^4 and 3^5): now it’s more interesting for me to look for new puzzles.
> One new feature - "temporary macros": if you press Shift-F7, then make some twists and press F7, then every time after that when you press F7, this sequence of twists will be repeated (in the same part of the puzzle body - no autoreferncing here). It’s useful when you want to make sequence like (ABCD)^3, or repeat some multiclick twist several times. Second macro is on Shift-F8/F8 keys.
> Known misfeatures:
> - ranking of pieces doesn’t work for half-cut puzzles (all pieces have rank 0 because they are connected to the center of body)
> - there is no macros for 5D and more.
> Good luck!
> Andrey