Message #1789

From: schuma <>
Subject: Magic 120-cell solved using MPUlt v1.06
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 00:12:26 -0000

Hi everyone,

I just solved the mighty 120-cell using Andrey’s MPUlt. Note that the puzzle definition was provided in a separate file <>. The log file can be found here <>.

This solution took 54.5 hours and 78550 moves. I started this solution in the beginning of June. After solving 3%, I suspended it because I was not sure that I wanted to do it now. Nine days ago, however, I determined to solve it full throttle. So I solved 97% of the 120-cell in nine days (a whole week plus a weekend). Six hours per day on average. I am exhausted…

Comparing Roice’s Magic 120-cell and Andrey’s MPUlt, each has pro and con. Please correct me if I’m wrong. To the best of my knowledge, Roice’s version has the piece-finding function, but no macros. Andrey’s version has macros, but no piece-finding function. I’m used to using macros so I chose Andrey’s version. But I have to figure out some ways to find the pieces. Shift+right click can only highlight one cell at a time, and is not very helpful in such a large puzzle.

My piece-finding method is: changing all cells to black and then the 3~4 stickers on a piece to 3~4 colors. This way the destination of the piece is immediately visible. As a result, I spent more than half of my time changing the colors from black to color or from color to black.