Message #1823

From: David Smith <>
Subject: Update on my situation
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 09:59:15 -0700

Hello friends,
As promised, I have an update for my friends in these societies.  I’ve been in the hospital
for about a month now.  10 days ago, I had an unexplained seizure (an actual seizure, not
an OCD/Tourette related outburst). :(  I moved from the psych unit to a small room on the
regular medical floor for over a week, with no access to computers (or much else for that
matter).  I fear I may have some as-of-yet undiscovered medical condition, but my doctors
are optimistic that this was a 1-time episode.  This morning I began to show warning
signs of a possible second seizure, but luckily none occurred.  My arms are covered
with bruises from poorly-performed IVs and bloodwork, and they are running out of places
to give me shots.  But, I am trying to remain optimistic, as always.  Thinking of my friends
gives me hope that one day I will never need to be hospitalized again, as hopeless as
such an ideal may be, but it gets me through the day.  At this point, I wouldn’t be
surprised to be here for at least another month.  It doesn’t help that the doctors here
don’t even know what medication I am receiving.  There are major communication issues
with the doctors, nurses, and pharmacy.
Anyway, sorry for the disappointing news.  By the way, I made a mistake.  In an
earlier email, I listed Adam Kisby, Brennan Martin, and Don Stoner as people who have
probably and/or have the potential to outscore me on I.Q. tests.  I should have added to
this list John Fahy, even though he was technically included by default (as long as I
worded things correctly).  But he definitely should have been explicitly mentioned as
one of the leading scorers in the high-I.Q. community.  And I apologize if my listing my
I.Q. score offended anyone.  From my point of view, we are all exceptional (definitely
including EVERYONE in 4d_Cubing), and 30 I.Q. points doesn’t mean anything.  Still,
I was very pleased with my score, and thought it would be appropriate to share, just as
James correctly determined.
Thank you all for being there for me.  Your support is greatly appreciated during these
trials in my life.  I apologize in advance for failing to respond to individual emails.
All the best,