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From: Andrey <>
Subject: Re: 120-cell solved…
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2011 06:21:07 -0000

Nan, thank you!
I don’t know about next challenge. It should be some coding - to implement more puzzles in MPUlt, to write a couple of non-puzzle games in 5D, try to do something with {5,3,4} (I feel that there should be periodic patterns - like 22 colors for {5,3,4} and 55 for {4,3,5})… But may be I have a new challenge for you - try 600-cell in new version of MPUlt (uploaded today) ;)

Good luck!

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> Andrew
> Congratulations! By the way thank you again for making MPUlt. I wonder what will be the next challenge for you.
> Nan
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> > Hi all,
> > I’ve just finished solving of 120-cell. In MPUlt it was not difficult at all. I’ve used 4 features of the program - macro, setup sequencies, cubie highlighting and fast temporary changing sticker color to white. With these features I almost didn’t care about the actual colors of cells.
> > My method is the following: I solve 2C, 3C and then 4C. For each type I select some cell, change it to white, then move all cubies with white stickers to this cell (using setup unwinding and a couple of macros). My goal here is to make all stickers of the current type on that face "white". Then I use another macro to sort cubies in that cell (it is a half on 3-cycle that moves two pieces from the cell and one outside). Non-macro twists here are twists of one cell, so I don’t need to use F1/F2/F3 keys for this stage. Then I go to other cell and so on.
> > At first my estimate of time for complete solving was 96 hours (I used about 2 minutes per cubie). So I didn’t care about the time, and often left the puzzle with running timer for a while. I think that I lost about 6 hours of displayed time here. But at the end of 3C stage I found that situation is much better than I thought about it: timer displayed 57h 05m! So if I’ll be solving 40 pieces per hour, there will be good chances to finish at 72h :)
> > Actual time was 69h 58m 30s. And I spent last 30 minutes to resolve one flipped 4C - tried to solve it like in 3^4, but coldn’t remember the proper algorithms :)
> > Andrey
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