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From: schuma <>
Subject: Re: Where are you all?
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2011 18:44:50 -0000

Last Thursday I gave a lecture in the Rubik’s cube class of UC Berkeley, about solving twisty puzzles using commutators. In the lecture I advertised MC4D and other high dimensional puzzles. Melinda and Brandon were there in the audience. I hope we can have more solvers in the future.

The video of the lecture can be found here:


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> Hall of fame of the classic 3x3x3x3:
> 15 entries in 2010
> 8 entries in 2011 (last one in august).
> What happens?
> The classic "24cell face turning":
> the only and last entry mai 2011 (wiki).
> What happens?