Message #1888

From: Eduard <>
Subject: 24cell FT
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2011 09:29:24 -0000

I have started to solve „24cell FT". Until now only Nan Ma did it in about 54’000 moves.
Forst I place at home the 2 colored face elements. There are 96. For 52 faces I needed 5300 moves. Replaying the log file of Nan I see that he used only about 750 moves for all faces. Most of his moves are dedicated to place the 2 colored face-corner elements different from the face elements (13’000 to 54’000).
My technic consists of using a narrow 3 cycle for the faces and a narrow 2 element flip for faces. I estimate that I will use about 10’000 moves for the faces only.
I observe also when replying Nan’s log file that only the very first moves show an animation.
Can anybody help me to understand these things? ;-)