Message #1982

From: Eduard <>
Subject: Dioctipoid
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2011 00:01:55 -0000

Dioctipoid is a very pleasent rotational mechanical puzzle equivalent to a face turning octahedron. Dioctipoid is written on the edge elements as an ambigramm so the edge elements are not oriented. The ambigramm is not necessary because these elements cannot return home with the wrong orientation. By coloring the face turning octahedron normally we have oriented corners, oriented edges and monocolored sides which are hence partially anonymous and not oriented. I propose to add to colored point in the corner of the triangular sticker of each side element which is the same as the color of the neighbouring side element on the other octahedron side. So the side elements become unique and oriented.
The facesides in the 4D FT 24cell are also not unique and not oriented.