Message #2009

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Super Puzzle Sunday!
Date: Mon, 06 Feb 2012 14:43:07 -0600

Hi Eduard,

I like your ideas. I especially support (1), since it can be done
collectively by the group in the wiki. I noticed the other day that Nan is
keeping his user wiki page
<>current with the
puzzles he’s been solving in MagicTile, so updating an
additional "number of MT solved" table doesn’t seem too bad. Having a
"number of 4D solved" would be nice too! (Nan, I’m sorry for changing
display names by the way - let me know if you’d like help mapping the
previous names to the new ones, e.g. "Petal" to "F0:0:1".)

(2) sounds cool, but would need to be an automated solution somehow. I
know I would get overwhelmed trying to manage a solvers list via email like
I do for MC5D. I haven’t researched, but I wonder if there might be some
off the shelf service for this kind of thing (managing user achievements
for games). It’d be cool if there was, because it would have a chance of
happening if I only needed to work with some API, vs. having to code
something myself. If anyone knows of anything like this, I’d appreciate
info. It would be useful info for MC4D too.


2012/2/6 Eduard Baumann <>

> **
> The "hall of fame" for MagicTile cannot follow the "450" puzzle explosion..
> Two ideas
> (1)
> What about a new list "number of MT solved":
> 1. Nan 14
> 2. Andrey 11
> …
> x. Ed 2
> (2)
> Or:
> Show the list of solvers in the tree of puzzles in MagicTile when clicking
> with right button.
> Kind regards
> Ed