Message #2035

From: schuma <>
Subject: Solving 3^7
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 07:14:25 -0000

Hi guys,

There hasn’t been much discussion on high dimensional puzzles, and I haven’t solved any puzzle >= 4D recently. So I started my attempt to solve 3^7 in the last weekend.

Since solving such a complicated puzzle is a somewhat tedious journey, I’d like to report my progress. Just now I’ve solved the 1C, 2C, 3C and 4C pieces. I’ve used 24 hours in total. I guess solving 5C and 6C pieces should be the most time consuming steps. I tried my best to find the fastest way to solve it but that’s what I’ve got. I can’t imagine how Charlie Mckiz solved everything in 27 hours. He solved 3^6 first. Maybe he learned and practiced some good techniques there. However, I, just like Andrey, skipped 3^6 and directly came to 3^7.

I’d like to thank Andrey for telling me how the state of the puzzle is represented in the log file. Thanks to him, I’m able to automatically track the percentage of completion for each type of pieces.

Maybe I need two more weeks till I solve it completely. I hope that day comes sooner.