Message #2051

From: Roice Nelson <>
Subject: Re: [MC4D] Re: Super Puzzle Sunday!
Date: Wed, 04 Apr 2012 10:33:19 -0500

Hi Ed,

Puzzles are solved in MT when all sticker colors are the same on every
puzzle face. So on the puzzle you mention, a sticker may not necessarily
end up exactly where it began. The stickers of dissected edge pieces may
end up reconnected with different stickers in the end. (However, there may
be parity-like constraints that limit how stickers can go back together - I
haven’t analyzed this particular puzzle with respect to that.)

In fact, MT has no internal concept of "pieces", e.g. 2C edges or 3C
corners. It only knows about stickers, and if some stickers always remain
connected to others due to the slicing particulars, MT is blissfully
unaware of this :)

In any case, the puzzles should still be playable without labeling pieces.
A nice extension in the future would be picture puzzles, which would
effectively label the pieces and require dissected edges to go back exactly
as they started.


On Wed, Apr 4, 2012 at 6:40 AM, Eduard <> wrote:

> Hi Roice,
> In MagicTile some puzzles become completely unplayable, if the depth is
> chosen so that individualised multicolor elements can be separated in
> pieces. In this case it would be necessary to label all these pieces which
> cannot be done in your program easily. When the the puzzle is solved in MT:
> when colors are okay or when all pieces are at home?
> I tried MT ell/sphere/cube/E 1:0:1. Edges can be dissected!
> Ed