Message #2069

From: Eduard <>
Subject: Re: MagicTile solve
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 22:46:01 -0000

I have solved „ MT IRP {5,5} 8c F 0:0:0.85" with 2978 twists.
Roice: I used the hyperbolic view because in IRP view macros are not allowed.
In the beginning I could switch between the two views. But later I couldn`t return to the IRP view again.
Melinda: some files may be to big to put in „wiki" rather than in „4D cubing".

— In, "Eduard" <baumann@…> wrote:
> I have solved MT irp {5,5} 8c E 0-0-0.5 with 51 twists.
> This is a big contrast to my 168’000 twists for the MT dodecahedron 2:0:1. I did this one also in GelatinBrain (1.1.5) but had to reduce the number of twists form 168’000 to 18’000.
> In other words: the puzzles are very diffenrent in solve time.