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From: David Vanderschel <>
Subject: Re: Megan Fox is one of us!!
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 18:21:17 -0500

— In, "Mark" <markoram109@…> wrote:
> Hi,
> I just uploaded a photo of Megan Fox to the Misc photo album.
> It shows her bearing a tattoo on the inner side of her left
> wrist.
> CLEARLY that is a hypercube…

Clearly Mark has an overactive imagination. In the photo he
posted in the Group’s Files area, the tattoo cannot be seen
clearly at all. My best guess, based on what I could see there,
was a swastika with a circle circumscribed around it. However,
that is not correct either.

The following quoted text is from this Web page:
along with a better picture of the tattoo.

"The tattoo on Megan Fox’s left wrist is not one of her
favorites, a ying yang tribal tattoo of two waves. She has said
that she regrets getting it because, `The guy was smoking weed
while he tattooed me and he didn’t do it correctly. Now it’s
nothing and I’m gonna get it removed. I was told he was a really
amazing tattoo artist but he wasn’t on his game that night. He
was distracted.’ The Transformers actress has hinted that she
may have it removed in the future, although she has yet to start
the process."

Mark, I suggest you remove the picture you posted, as it has
nothing to do with cubing - not even remotely. Before jumping to
such a bizarre conclusion, you might better have googled the
issue. My first attempt - "megan fox tattoos meaning" -
immediately produced the above refutation.

David V.