Message #2130

From: Eduard <>
Subject: MagicTile solving
Date: Thu, 10 May 2012 10:44:03 -0000

Reason why I need 20’000 twists where Nan uses only 380 twists.
MT IRP {4,6} 12 F 0:1:0 has allways TWO elements in the intersection of two non neigbouring faces. You must commutate these two faces if you don’t want move the edges. These means that you get two 3-cycles for face elements. In order to get a narrowed single 3-cycle I constructed a macro with 134 twists. Applying this macro I had difficulties to click the right reference point. So I often worked by trial and error. If the macro didn’t yield what I expected I immediately inversed the macro. All these tries are noted in the log file (no optimization). For the first part arranging the edges I needed 130 twists. My 134 twist macro is stronger than necessary. With that macro I can solve a version of MT IRP {4,6} 12 F 0:1:0 which has numbered face elements!