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From: Eduard <>
Subject: Re: Making a puzzle based on 11-cell
Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 01:28:08 -0000

The "labels" should be distinct for different stickers!

— In, "schuma" <mananself@…> wrote:
> Roice also asked about the 3C pieces. As I replied earlier, I plan to show the connectivity of 3C’s and turn around the edges if you hold the ctrl button. I’ll implement this in a day or two.
> Can you elaborate the meaning of "label"? In my terminology, there are several "stickers" on each "piece". Should the "labels" distinct for different pieces, or different stickers?
> Nan
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> >
> > Wonderful! Awesome! Thanks.
> > You show he connection of the 6C pieces and of the 2C pieces because those turning axis are active. How about showing he connection for the 3C pieces?
> > For me it would be very helpful if all stickers are labeled. This would harm the very clean and beautyful puzzle. But what about showing the label of the sticker where the mouse pointer is on in a small window?
> > Kind regards
> > Ed