Message #2195

From: schuma <>
Subject: Re: Making a puzzle based on 11-cell
Date: Thu, 24 May 2012 19:56:28 -0000

As requested by Ed, I added a function to customize a label for a sticker. Just place the mouse on top of a vertex or a face, then press any number between 1~9 to put a label on that sticker. To label an edge sticker, hold ctrl to select it, then press any number. After that, this label will move forever with the sticker. To remove a label, press 0 (label "0" means no label) on that sticker. Resetting or scrambling also remove all labels.

Note that numbers don’t have to be unique. For example, you may manually label all the connected stickers on a piece as the same number.

I hope this feature will help you find algorithms.


— In, "Eduard" <baumann@…> wrote:
> I fear you retain only the color of each sticker in your program and not an individual label. I know that "puzzle solved" is declared when the colors are "homogeneous" and NOT when each sticker is at home. But to see where the stickers go when I’m studying sequences the color of the sticker is not sufficient.