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From: schuma <>
Subject: Re: color graphs of MagicTiles
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 02:26:20 -0000

I just got time to solve these {8,4} puzzles. I directly faced them before I looked at Ed’s drawing.

Take the 9-color version for example.

I first noticed that some octagons (gray, purple, orange, and cyan) have only two distinct edges, therefore the commutator of turning these two edges is not a 3-cycle. I solved these octagons first, and then avoided using these commutators. This is also what I did in the {3,5} 8C: to solve the special faces first.

The second thing is, of course, the long long orbits, which surprised me. I haven’t found out the structure of the orbits yet. But it seems I don’t really need to know the structure to move pieces along them.


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> Nan & Ed, can we get your opinions on the {8,4}s?
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