Message #2247

From: schuma <>
Subject: Re: MT „hyp {5,4} 16 no e 0.5:0:0 v 1:0:0“
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 18:51:19 -0000

Hi Ed,

Please check out this save file.

It shows how I flipped a brown-yellow and a purple-green. You can ctrl-z and ctrl-y to see how I did it.

Because there are multiple such pieces, it may not directly solve your problem but I hope it helps. Basically you need to move each piece to the "mirrored home" but not the "direct home".


— In, "Eduard" <baumann@…> wrote:
> MT „hyp {5,4} 16 no e 0.5:0:0 v 1:0:0" seems also to be a „bad guy".
> I’m left with two flipped elements (brown-yellow and purple-green).
> For the moment I can’t imagine a walk which returns an element flipped to home (to construct a double flip sequence). Melinda and Nan: HELP!