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From: Jacob <>
Subject: None
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2012 22:01:13 -0700

Hello everyone. I recently joined the MC4D group and it was suggested to me to introduce myself and tell a little bit about myself.
My name is Jacob. I’m 17 years old and will turn 18 a few days after the Presidential elections. I have lived in Kenova, West Virginia my entire life, though I have visited 14 other states that I have been old enough to remember. I have multiple interests, especially learning how to program software and playing music. I’m not very experienced yet with programming other than on my TI-84, but I have played musical instruments since I started with the trumpet in 2004, and I now can play 12 instruments in total. I hope to learn a woodwind at some point, preferably tenor sax. Despite my musical tallent, I am not good at any other type of art. Frankly, I’m proud that I can draw a recognizable stick figure. My hobbies include videogaming, speed cubing (didn’t see that coming, did you), and playing guitar and singing with my close friend and drummer in our metal / screamo band temporarily named Umbros… at least, it would be a band if there were
more permanent members than just the two of us.
I may not be the most active member of most discusions, but feel free to email me any time, even just to chat.

Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
-Mark Twain