Message #2277

From: schuma <>
Subject: [MC4D] Re: Regular abstract polytopes based on {5,3,4} and {4,3,5}
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 05:14:50 -0000

Hi guys,
I’ve added the six spherical polytopes (platonic solids), and the
trivial cubic tessellation in Euclidean space, to the applet
<> . The polytope/honeycombs
are arranged in a table.
The natural next step is to understand the tessellations with infinite
cells and vertex figures, like {6,3,3}.
> — In, Roice Nelson <roice3@> wrote:>> Hi>
> Even though there are existing youtube videos and> programs, S3 would
still> be a nice addition to your applet. It’s great> to be able to run
this stuff> right on a web page, without anything to> install.> >
Cheers,> Roice>>