Message #2308

From: dccubeguy <>
Subject: I just joined the 4D cubing group!
Date: Wed, 04 Jul 2012 15:58:25 -0000

Hello Everyone,

I just joined the 4D cubing group. Melinda suggested that I take a little time to introduce myself.

My name is Daniel Cohen. I am not the Daniel Cohen that is the unofficial world record holder on the 6x6x6 Rubik’s cube. I am new to the online cubing community.

I am a software developer by profession, and I do speedcubing as a pastime. Other pastimes are skiing, competitive table tennis, and jazz piano.

I recently solved the 3x3x3x3 for the first time, and am down to 1753 moves. It was so fun! I am really glad that once you place the last layer centers, there is no situation where just two edges are swapped and just two corners. It would seem that placing the last layer centers causes the permutation of the corners and edges to behave :)

As far as speedcubing, I am somewhat advanced, but not really good. I can average around 20 seconds on the 3x3 on a good day. My second best puzzle is the 5x5 and I am under 3 minutes. I can do the 7x7 in under 10 minutes on a good day.

I have worked on a very good Rubik’s cube timer program that currently only runs on Windows because it is implemented in Win32 plain C code. I am considering porting it to Java.

As far as coding goes, I do a little bit of everything. Networking, databases, graphics, scientific computing, VoIP, GUI development, Sudoku solvers to name a few things.

That’s about it! I’m looking forward to being a part of this group!