Message #2419

From: schuma <>
Subject: Henry Segerman and the 30-cell puzzle
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 08:03:22 -0000

A couple of days ago I watched an awesome youtube video by Henry Segerman about the 30-cell puzzle designed by Saul Schleimer and Henry:

Henry also announced it on the twistypuzzles forum:

Usually an "n-cell" puzzle lives only in 4D, but this puzzle is 3D printed! It is based on the geometry of the 120-cell (projected into 3D). They picked 30 out of the 120 cells and made an assembly/disassembly puzzle. Please check the video or the pictures in the twistypuzzles page to see the details.

As a result, (for the first time?) you can order a physical 4D puzzle from Shapeways:

and play with your 3D hands. Henry also designed many 3D printed sculptures including several 4D regular polytopes.

And he said he was working on more puzzles! I bet they are going to be great.