Message #2518

From: Eduard <>
Subject: MagicTile Solving intermediate report
Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2012 14:29:51 -0000

MT_ell_sph_dode_E_0-1-0,11 part 2
<,11_<br> b.PNG>

After succeeding with the cornerfaces I’m left with a single corner swap
!! I have macros to manage the edgefaces, small faces and central faces,
which do not touch the corners. How can I solve this parity problem ?
Because a belt of 10 corners is even I can go from 2134567890 to
0987654321with 3-cycles (even number of swaps; pay attention to the
reversed 21 in startposition). Then I have to swap the upper and lower
ring of 5 corners (5 swaps, odd). Then change direction in each 5-ring
(even number of swaps). Total : odd number of swaps which is not
possible with 3-cycles.
I don’t see a solution for the moment.
Who can help me?