Message #2572

From: Eduard <>
Subject: MagicTile skew {6,4|3} 20 v200
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 18:12:18 -0000

MagicTile skew {6,4|3} 20 v200.
Because this MagigTile is so nice:

An animation in stereo:
animated stereo (crossEyed)

A sharper stereo picture:
fixed stereo (crossEyed)
<,4-3_20_v200_stere<br> o.PNG>

Geometric description: 5 truncated tetrahedra TT connected by the
truncation-triangles in form of a volumecentered tetrahedron. Each TT
can go in the middle (ctrl turn). All TT are equivalent.

Andrey says: A 60-deg rotation of the whole puzzle around some face
gives even
permutation of the edges (10 6-loops) and odd permutation od centers (3

Best regards