Message #2577

From: Eduard <>
Subject: Theorem of Astrelin
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 10:25:41 -0000

The ‘wellknown’

Theorem of Andrey Astrelin

A 60-deg rotation of the whole puzzle "MT skew {6,4|3} 20 v200" (Roice
Nelson) around some face gives even permutation of the edges (10
6-loops) and odd permutation od centers (3 6-loops + 2 fixed points).

Proof by doing (Ed Baumann)

(1) Log file showing the single center swap (y/w). 15374 twists. proof 1
<<br> cY76X9bvEKRJMVPdLq_P6TF44d1gTNIDDpZObC58rv27dQhJLmLg7XfzIMzsk/Eduard/pro<br> of%201.xml>
(2) Log file of a restarted solving with care for the 60° rotation.
Center swap avoided. 1402 twists. proof 2
<<br> jS6Dfl5lTo7giYf0GGuHFlufrZjmvAcX2DVehlB4-YN96xxdTh0udP3OJtWgM/Eduard/pro<br> of%202.xml>
(3) Log file for the almost finished "y/w swap near solving". 30336
twists. proof 3
<<br> OTfX33Uort2hbi8LqdeeiUN2SFa2Isd5HPc8ftkbH41QJkSFqCoxLB9KJuZrY/Eduard/pro<br> of%203.xml>

Open the log files and replay!