Message #2592

From: Eduard <>
Subject: MagicTile Considerations
Date: Thu, 03 Jan 2013 10:28:59 -0000

In the theorems of Astrelin and Baumann we have the formulation „turning the puzzle as a whole arround a face center". Meant is to do this in the poincare disc 2D view. Doing the corresponding manipulation is not easy. You often have the impression that the effect goes in the opposite direction than you want. If you switch to the 3D skew view you have the normal 3D manipulations plus some other (ctrl) weird manipulations remembering the 4D aspect (movements with selfintersections).
Question: what is the exact translation between the poincare disc 2D turn and the corresponding 3D skew "turn"? In the case of the runcinated 5-cell you fix two "opposite" prisme sides.