Message #2604

From: Eduard <>
Subject: Parity problem in MT
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2013 17:20:09 -0000

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Big parity problem in "MT skew {4,4|7} 49 e 0:1.41:0 ".
After about 6000 twists I’m left with 2 edge swaps in two separated

Shift the puzzle as a whole (diagonally or not) in the non skew view
doesn’t produce an odd number of even cycles.

The element types are: 4c corners, 2c edges, 1c central faces, 1c
triangular edge-faces and 1c faces (lengthy diamonds).

A single twist contains 3 edge swaps, a corner swap, a central face
swap, 3 edge-face swap and very important two face swaps in separated
orbits (with 14 elements).
This makes it impossible to get rid of my edge parity problem with a
single twist.

Edges have two orbits (right angled). In one orbit an edge can go in the
other half and arrive flipped.

I have perfectly controlled the similar colors
cyan-aqua and

Without solving this puzzle you can try to help me with considerations.

Best regards