Message #2663

From: schuma <>
Subject: Lollipop: a Complex 2D puzzle
Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2013 07:46:48 -0000

Hi guys,

Recently I made a "complex" 2D puzzle that can be played on webpage, called Lollipop. It can be found here:

The shape of the puzzle is a disk. Take the simpliest version with 3 axes for example. The outmost ring never flips. Each piece in second ring can be turned by only one axis. Each piece in the third ring in the third ring can be turned by two axes. The inner most ring, the core, can be turned by all three axes.

The puzzle with four axes is more complicated. For example, there is a ring where the pieces can be turned by opposite axes, and another ring where the pieces can be turned by three out of four axes.

The point is, for ANY subset of axes, the piece turned by and only by them can be found here. In a sense, this is the most "complete" puzzle with this number of axis in a 2D plane. All pieces are arranged by "type" into different rings.

It supports a batch input through a textbox. For complicated puzzles this is indeed necessary.

This puzzle is obviously inspired by the Complex 3x3x3 puzzle proposed by Matt Galla, Carl Hoff, Andreas Nortmann, et al on I especially thank Matt for inspiring discussions. I’m looking forward to meeting you again to talk about puzzles!