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Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 06:20:45 -0000

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> In the latest MPUlt, there is a 120-cell_halfcut. It’s the Face turning 120-cell where the cutting plane passes the center. I think it can be considered as the Pentultimate in 4D. I don’t think anyone has attempted it. But I’m sure you have enough courage to make the move.

Let me compare it with the shallow cut 120-cell, which has 7560 stickers, but only 2520 movable pieces. The 120-cell halfcut has 14400 stickers, all of which are 1C pieces: there are 14400 pieces! The situation is similar to the Big Chop (half-cut edge turning dodecahedron). Even the shape of cuts on each dodecahedral cell is like the Big Chop. But this puzzle is still face turning, so it is a proper analog of Pentultimate.