Message #2703

From: Philip Strimpel <>
Subject: To much credit
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 19:30:58 -0700

Hello all again,
To Melinda, Nan, and Roice: You guys are giving me waaay to
much credit here. I’m afraid that most of the information you guys have explained has REALLY gone over my head. I really don’t know all too much about the mathematic and scientific aspects to the dimensions! :P I quite actually failed geometry when I was in homeschool because of the proofs, postulates and theorems involved. I really do love math but I don’t even know trig or calculus at all, even though I would love to try them someday. As for even solving the 24 cell or this halfcut 120 cell, I am quite terrified of both of them! Truth be told, I knew that there were quite a few of 24 cells, but I haven’t opened up my MPult applet in forever, so I forgot just how terrifying 4d octahedra can be, if that is what a 24 cell is! :p I’m quite sorry if I led any on to believe that I am a math genius at all, but I MAY go to college to study it if I ever feel that my wife and I have the cash to.
To David:
All of my puzzles that I TRIED to make are all in boxes in my and my wife’s apartment somewhere, but the square 1 cube that I used actually had cuts in the corner and edge pieces, so I guess maybe it was a square 3, if there is such a thing. That puzzle I can only show you pieces by themselves, Im afraid. The gigaminx, which I was going to call master megaminx, has only one layer of pieces cut up in a bag. Like I said before, the only inventions I truly completed were ones that DIDN’T involve me cutting plastic balls for shell layers. I was doing this with diamond cut knives which STILL took forever. I still have some pieces to the curvy copter layers out in the open somewhere though. As I have said before, I hope that any information that I have given was not misleading in any way. If it was, I do sincerely apologize. :)

Best regards,