Message #2718

From: Eduard <>
Subject: MagicTile Solving (300th)
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 12:33:28 -0000

Solving of MT eucl torus {6,5} 9 e010 —– || 04/20/2013 || 1118

Remark : Not a big puzzle. I was left with two swaps for the cornerFaces in two different orbits of the 12 orbits with each 8 elements. I thought that this is a big parity problem. I succeeded to build a macro with 444 twists which did two cornerFace swaps but in two orbits which had not the right distance between. Then only I saw a similarity with the "MT ell sph dodeca e 0:1:0.11" and I could solve my problem with a macro not longer than 20 twists.

My 300th MT !