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Subject: RE: MagicTile {∞,3} solutions
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2013 10:41:39 -0700

can you help me with this example: ?
It gives correct pattern of white faces, but keeps saying that all other tiles have the same color. But there should be 6 different colors (it’s hemidodecahedron expanded to {10,3}). I tried different values of EndRotation, but they don’t help. What do I do wrong?

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Here is the documentation page for configuring colorings (made for Eduard a while back):

I’ll be the first to admit that creating new colorings is not the easiest thing. I’m happy to answer questions though, or to discuss how it might be improved.


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OK, good to know, thanks Andrey. It surprises me a bit that puzzles with more colors are harder. That seems counter to the pattern where for example, the Rubik’s cube with 6 colors seems harder than the Megaminx with 12. Hopefully Roice will jump in with additional documentation on his puzzle file format. I would like to see what sort of fascinating new puzzles you come up with.


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Melinda, I’ve solved some of puzzles a couple of months ago, but there was nothing new for me - just versions of tetrahedron and cube. For something new we should try new coloring (with 12,24,36 colors etc.). Unfortunately I don’t understand Roice’s notation of puzzle definition, and can’t add good puzzles to MT.

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Dear Cubists,

It’s been a while now since Roice added several (approximately) infinite
polygons to Magic Tile under "Hyperbolic > Large Polygons", and I’ve not
seen or heard of any solutions to the ones with more than three colors.
Has anyone done that? Even with 5 random twists I find myself hopelessly
lost, but then I’m not a strong solver. These new puzzles sure look
fabulous. How do they compare to the rest?