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Subject: RE: Re: [MC4D] New puzzles
Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 19:02:13 -0800

May be, but in 120-Cell you have some search tools. In 36-color tiles there is many similar colors that makes difficult searching of the correct tile (even when you make one face white and all others dark). Pieces of F1:0:0 are very thin, most of them are close to boundary, so you don’t even see them all.
Topology of {10,3}, 36C is not very easy (actually, I don’t understand it at all). When I look for the tile, I’m not always sure that my search covers whole fundamental area, so I can go over the same part again and again. And there are problems with finding a way for tiles that doesn’t disturb already solved parts.


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What about it is difficult? I would guess that more colors makes it more tedious but not harder, similar to 3^4 versus 120-Cell.

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I’ve solved {10,3}, 36C, F:0:0:1. It was difficult - it has too many colors. Total count is 2518 twists.