Message #2840

Subject: RE: New 4D solver :)
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2013 05:48:27 -0800

>schuma wrote:
>Welcome to the high dimensional cubing community!!! I always love your solves
>no matter if they are in gelatinbrain or your simulator or anywhere else.
>Congratulations on your solution of 3^4!
Thanks :)

>deustfrr wrote:
>I solved the 6^4 and it’s just tedious. It’s like asking if the 9^3 is worth trying;
>sure, but it takes a while.
>Anyway, have fun with the rest of the 4D puzzles, and also try out the higher
>puzzles such as the 3^5 :D
Well, I have solved a 111^3 :p The 5D+ puzzles look so crazy, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m looking at and what moves actually do.

>Andrey wrote:
>For 3-cycle of 4C I know only 16-move sequence, as well as for rotation of two
>4C pieces. And flip of a single 4C - also take 16 moves… they all have the
>same pattern in my method.
Ah, I found your 16-move sequence for flipping a single 4C. It’s an interesting series of moves… certainly makes me think!

>Brandon wrote:
>I was just using your fantastic qqtimer yesterday - setting a PB for avg100 for
>3x3 of 17.25s with std dev of 1.63, avg12 of 15.98s, and avg5 of 15.04s - and
>am wondering if you could give me some real expert advice on how to average
Glad you like my timer :) I don’t actually average sub-10 myself, but here’s some advice that should help: try to get your cross and F2L as smooth and fluent as possible, with few pauses (even if you have to slow down to get it - you can work on that part later), but on the last layer turn as fast as you can. And of course get a good cube, if you don’t already have one. The Moyu ones are really nice.

Anyway, here’s my 13-move sequence (in log file notation):
160,-1,1 20,1,6 106,1,1 79,1,1 20,1,6 106,-1,1 9,1,6 160,1,1 106,1,1 12,1,6
79,-1,1 106,-1,1 0,1,1.

It’s pretty specific and probably not that useful in actual solving, but here’s a 14-move one I use a lot. Note that the 7th and 14th moves can be any turns of that face (including twists around the one unsolved corner, for a 2-twist).
52,1,1 102,-1,1 155,-1,1 102,1,1 155,1,1 52,-1,1 128,1,1 52,1,1 155,-1,1 102,-1,1
155,1,1 102,1,1 52,-1,1 128,-1,1.