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Subject: RE: MagicTile Solving
Date: Tue, 10 Dec 2013 22:59:25 -0800

So far we are just adding all solutions to that magictile v2 page. Each puzzle has too few solutions to have something like "top 10" in any sense. I think we are ordering by date here. For some other pages in that wiki, we record the records in terms of the number of moves.

About the replay files, I used to put them on my personal wiki page and link to them. But the files for 4D puzzles are usually long so that my personal page became huge. Then, for the MagicTile v2 solutions, I no longer upload them. I do keep copies on my computer though, unless they are too trivial. I think as long as we can agree on some criterion, we can stick with it. Eduard, is not uploading the replay file fine with you?

Eduard, you have got a serious competitor. Michael is very good at this kind of puzzles :)


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I have a wiki account, I just wasn’t sure about the format of that page. Does it just list all solutions, ordered by date? And is it OK if I don’t have a link to a replay file when I put a result up?