Message #2860

Subject: Re: [MC4D] MPUltimate 1.5
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 04:06:48 -0800

No, I’ve decided to spend a little more time in the code. And finally implemented another missing feature - 5D macros!
To start macro in 5D and 6D you ctrl-alt-click any sticker (usually I start with some corner). Program highlights all other stickers of the cell and suggest to click one of them. Then it decides whether there are enough stickers to fix orientation of the puzzle or you need to select more stickers (and highlights stickers that can improve situation). When there is no more highlighted stickers you can start perform macro steps. Finish with ctrl-M or menu item "Stop macro".
To apply macro Alt-click some sticker that is congruent to the starting sticker of macro anchor. Program highlights possible positions of the second sticker and so on. When you click them all macro will be performed.

And new puzzles block is ready - 5D simplex with 4 different cutting depths. I’ve solved first one (trivial, where you should only orient vertices).

Couple of hints for 5D: If you left-click some corner sticker, it will mean rotation of the cell, and if you start with right-click, it will be vertex-centered rotation. If you want to interrupt stickers sequence for the twist, make left+right click somewhere in empty space.

Good luck!

P.S. People say that it’s impossible to understand and develop 3-years-old code that has no comments inside and is full of mathematics. I think they are wrong somewhere…