Message #2880

From: Brandon Wong <>
Subject: Hypercuboids?
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2013 12:45:17 -0800

Hi y’all.<br/><br/>I was recently solving a variety of 3D cuboids (XxYxZ Magic Rectangular Prisms) of different sizes and symmetry, and then just began thinking today about hypercuboids. The largest asymmetrical 3D cuboid that I’ve solved is a 6x7x8; although solving it was interesting at first, it became quite dull and tedious, and so I feel i need to expand upon cuboids in a different manner. What really sparks my interest with now, is the possibility of orthotopic puzzles such as a 3x4x5x6 that I’m surprised I had never even thought of before. Regarding this, there are a few questions that I have: (a) is a 1x1x2x2 as trivial as a 2x2, or is it not at all trivial (b) is there the possibility of visualizing shape-shifting hypercuboids without too much distortion in our restricted 3D perspective, and (c) would anyone else be interested in solving puzzles such as these? Just some food for thought for the holidays that i wanted to share with you all,
before we start making New Years resolutions.<br/><br/>Cheers,<br/>Brandon.<a href=""><br/><br/>Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPad</a>