Message #2991

From: Melinda Green <>
Subject: Miegakure, a 4D puzzle-platforming game
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 02:43:33 -0700

I saw this puzzle/game demoed by the inventor/developer Marc Ten Bosch
at a puzzle party a while back. Here are some clips: - A sample of what it looks
like. - Showing how to link 2
rings without cutting. - The inventor/developer
describes his creation.

At the time he said that he had been working on it full time for some 3
years I think. I can’t imagine working on something like that alone and
in secret and for so long. I really admire his dedication, and of course
the results are visually amazing. What impressed me the most was his
implementation of 4D dice. You can drop a giant convex polychoron and it
will use realistic 4D physics to simulate it slowly bouncing and rolling
and changing shape as parts of roll in and out of your current 3D view,
eventually coming to rest.

You can find more videos by searching for "Miegakure" on YouTube though
I couldn’t find one with a 4D die.

There is a Wikipedia page for it here